This workshop is made possible by generous contributions from:

IMBM and Boğaziçi University
Organizing Committee: Müge Kanuni, Atabey Kaygun and Ulrich Kraehmer
The aim of the workshop: This workshop aims to bring together mathematicians working in the fields of representation theory of Hopf algebras, representation theory of Artin algebras and noncommutative geometry to foster new and exciting research collaborations. The themes we would like to explore are
  • Combinatorial techniques and combinatorial Hopf algebras;
  • Techniques and examples from the theory of path algebras;
  • Homology computations in the representation theory of Artin algebras;
  • Interfaces between quantum groups, Hopf algebras and cyclic homology;
  • Category theory in the context of Hopf algebras, homology and homotopy.
Speakers: Program: Here is the program of the workshop.

Support: We support speakers and participants in full in terms of travel. We will provide the accommodations for free. Please check the following link for the details.

The Format: Since this is designated as an exploratory workshop, we would like to arrange it so that participants exchange basic ideas and basic methods particular to each subfield with researchers in other subfields. Each talk is going to be split into two parts: theory and application. In the first part we expect each speaker to convey the theory which makes the application possible. In the second part, we expect the speaker to work out a simple example in reasonable detail. We also will set up a panel discussion at the end of each day to discuss possible future directions for research.

The Venue: Istanbul Center for Mathematical Sciences (IMBM) is located within the beautiful south campus of Boğaziçi University. Here is a detailed map of the Boğaziçi campus.

Transportation to and from airport: Istanbul is a big metropole. There are numerous options of traveling to and from the two international airports. Please check the following link for detailed information.

Some pictures from the workshop