Due Date HW # Assignment Solution
May 25 (Monday) 8 †Solve the New Offices at Atlanta Management Systems case at the end of chapter 5 (from text); the problem is also available under the Lecture Notes tab.
May 2 18:30 7 Solve the example problems distributed in class on April 9 (they are also available at the student center photocopy)using Solver, and answer related questions.
April 9 10:40 Quiz Answer the questions listed in the Anderson Electronics example solution file (at the lecture notes tab).
April 2 18:30 5 Solve the Anderson Electronics example discussed in class using Solver.
March 26 4 Solve problems 23 and 24.a from chapter 3 of the textbook using Excel solver and send it to address. Also, read case Julia's Food Booth (page 103) from the text; before attending the lecture on March 26 at the Lab.
March 19 3 Improve the B-E template such that only the cells reserved for input parameters can be modified, but cells with formulations will not be touched.
March 12 2 Update your B-E Analysis template such that it will handle non-linear profit functions. Such as TR = P1 * Q ; if Q < limit (say 100) or P2 * Q ; if Q>= limit. Also, TC = FC + VC * Log(Q).
March 12 1 †Generate a Spreadsheet template for B-E Analysis.

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